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iPhone 6 specs; Longer battery life over larger display anyday

The latest iPhone 6 survey shows that a larger display is not the most needed feature for the soon to be launched iPhone 6.

According to a survey carried out on 1,500 participants, more users claimed that they would be very happy were Apple to provide a longer battery life for the next iPhone, as compared to a larger display.

However, a larger display was rated second most desired feature at 85%. With the vast majority (97%) wanting to see a longer battery life, it goes to show that iPhone 6 could possible earn bigger and better points for Apple if the battery situation was put first.

Here are more details regarding the survey that was done by WalletHero;

On features/changes that would make them purchase the new iPhone 6; (multiple answers)

  • Longer Battery Life (97%)
  • Larger Screen (85%)
  • Better Camera (73%)
  • Faster Processor (43%)
  • MicroSD (37%)
  • Lower Price (35%)
  • SIM/Dual SIM (8%)

On when they will buy the new iPhone;

  • No set time (63%)
  • Buy online on release date (34%)
  • Wait in line day of release (3%)

On what the phones the users had despite planning to purchase the iPhone6;

  • iPhone (84%)
  • Android (11%)
  • Windows (<1%)
  • Blackberry(<1%)
  • Other (3%)