What kids want the future dream car to look like is fantastic

Toyota has asked kids to draw their ideas of dream cars, why? Because adults are very boring. The ideas from these kids are amazing. They envision how cars can be used to harvest water. They envision how the cars can make travelling in a bad terrain much easier than it is now. They envision the fight against global warming.

The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is a global competition that requires kids to draw their vision of the dream car of the future. It happens every year. More than 600,000 kids enrolled this year but there are usually 90 finalists. Toyota has been releasing one design out of the 90 every day with a short animation captured under vines. The animation shows more clearly the ideas of the kids the way and how they have been perceived and explained.

Of course there are usually several ideas in a global competition like this, but we have selected a few ones that we liked.

The balloon car

The kid showcases his dream car of the future as a solar-powered, light balloon car. The main intention here is to develop a car that is accident and pollution free, and made from recycled materials. The car can also be folded and put in a bag. Fantastic is it!

Candy Crush

The kid displays their love for sweets here. And the wish that sweets could come alive in a magical transformation that would make a comfortable, sweet candy crush trip.

Toyota Dream Car Designed by Yuvindu from Sri Lanka, this cars mission is to beat the rough terrain and be driven anywhere. It can be driven on top of any road, through any rough land, in deep water and heavy snow. The animation has been created to show the amazing transformation the car undergoes to beat any terrain.  

Love and Peace Car

This is what the kid who envisioned the peace car said;

I just love to see the world filled with only love, happiness and peace. No sufferings for anyone and everyone is willing to share as well as be kind to one another. In this way, we all could live in harmony.

This mission is achieved when the car is filled with presents that fly out of the car to people when the car moves. So every one gets a share of the gifts as a show of love and peace.

Toyota Camera Car

This car takes photos and videos as you travelled by it. The intention being to bring back great memories when you travel by it again and new memories for those who travel by it. Great idea don’t you think?  

If you want to check out more of these you can head to the Toyota global car art contest page.