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What We Know About Microsoft's 'Selfie Phone' - Techpurge What We Know About Microsoft's 'Selfie Phone' - Techpurge

What We Know About Microsoft’s ‘Selfie Phone’

I think there is an opportunity at Selfies since you people are taking many of them. Microsoft has been watching and is reportedly due to release a “selfie phone” soon with a high-powered front-facing camera. Sony already released their version of the selfie phone dubbed Xperia C3 and Microsoft is tipped to follow suit.

The device, code named Superman, will be the first Nokia-branded phone with its main camera on the front.

Details of the planned Windows 8.1 releases were reported by technology website The Verge. It said that the Superman device – with a five-megapixel forward-facing camera and a 4.7-inch screen – was revealed at an internal company meeting this week. Tech blogs says the camera’s position suggests it is optimized for self-shot photographs – known as selfies.

It is due to be released in August, according to the report. There is a second handset planned, the site says, known as Tesla. It is believed to be an affordable “high-end” phone which will replace the Lumia 720 model. The demonstration of the phones to staff appears to suggest that the phones are close to release.