LastPass adds a fingerprint scanner to Galaxy S5’s unlock function

LastPass aims to take away the burden of typing long obscure passwords on a phone screen to access sites. The service works by storing all your passwords so that you only have to store one master password.

This brings us to the new feature that LastPass added that providing support for fingerprint scanning, built into the Samsung Galaxy S5. This makes it one of the first third party applications to use the Galaxy S5’s biometric scanner.

In the new version of LastPass, the password prompt that pops up asking you to confirm your account can be swapped for a much quicker fingerprint scan. Well, as long as you own a Galaxy S5.


The latest version of the LastPass app is available to premium subscribers of the service on the Google play store. However, users have been complaining about a bug; that at one point the only way to get rid of the fingerprint prompt is to reboot the phone, or scan your finger each time.