At least Half of all PCs shipped next year will be tablets; Android expected to dominate over Apple 65% to 30%.

The growth of tablets sales can only be rivaled by the decline in sales noticed when it comes to the traditional PCs. The cheaper and quite frankly more portable device, the tablet, is tipping the balance away from the traditional laptop and desktop personal computers. Just to confirm the earlier predictions, it’s expected that 2014 will be the year tablets take up around 50% of all PCs shipped. According to research findings from Canalys.



Still on the same, tablets running the increasingly popular Android platform are expected to lead the charge.  The Android devices are expected to account for 65% of all the tablets shipped, this adds up to around 185 million units, and of these, Samsung is expected to take up a large chunk. Despite how it may look, Apple’s tablet the iPad will remain the single largest tablet brand, taking up 30% of the market all on its own, so it’s still the most profitable.

However, Apples dominance is also expected to wane in the coming years. In the third quarter of 2013, Samsung took a 27% share of the tablet sales. Canalys pointed out that the new tablets; the iPad Air and new iPad mini have helped keep Apple in the lead.

As all this takes place, you cannot help but think about the traditional leader in the PC market. Microsoft is expected to have only 5% of the market share next year. Its acquisition of Nokia’s phone division will surely push this figure up. Then again, as much as 5% is small, it’s a small improvement from 2% in 2012.

To put into perspective just how fast the tablet market is growing, it wasn’t far back (in February 2013) when Canalys had established that tablets accounted for only one third of all PCs shipped. For most part of 2013 Canalys’ predictions was that tablet would account for 37% of all shipped PCs. Well, they are now revising that number to a much higher one.

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