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Mac Users face a risk over discovery of Shellshock

A security flaw in apples OS X Operating system has been noted to be the most serious bug more than Heartbleed. A super-serious flaw in the “bash” shell – the command line interpreter for Unix-based systems including Linux and Mac OS X – has sent server administrators scrambling to patch their systems. By exploiting the bug, which has been called shellshock, hackers can take control of the targeted system.

Many are saying this hole is as dangerous, if not more so, than the Heartbleed flaw found in the OpenSSL standard back in April.

The main difference between Heartbleed and Shellshock is that heartbleed only lets hackers spy on the computer while Shellshock bug lets hackers override a users control of the machine.

But user do not need to worry since the bug is low for the complexity of exploitation.

Apple has faced serious security issues lately including iCloud Hacking and a bad update for iOS 8 after it appeared to cause more problems than it can solve.