If you make silly faces like these ones while taking selfies, just stop

Apparently, this girl was caught on video by her dad while trying all possible faces for a perfect selfie. Suffice to say she made a lot of faces, silly ones to the very best, but again, it’s all fun. The dad later uploaded the video to YouTube and it has since received over 6 million views in a span of about a week.

The selfie trend which has since become a normality in today’s lives, especially of the youth, caught up with this girl while she sat at the back of the car. She couldn’t resist what she thought was privacy to take up several selfies. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for her, the dad who was the driver caught the whole thing on video.

The dad has also fallen captive to the portrait videos. We couldn’t help but notice. Several people are now taking videos vertically rather than the norm which has been horizontally. With the selfie becoming a phenomena we can’t help but highlight to you that Microsoft is expected to debut a selfie phone soon, meanwhile Sony is ahead on that and already has the Xperia C3 which was marketed as the ultimate Selfie phone with a powerful front camera.