Robben diving in the World Cup

These memes summarize the world cup from the beginning to the end as seen on Social media

The event that was one of the most awaited events in 2014 began in mid-June and has come to it’s unavoidable end. Suffice to say that most football enthusiasts don’t want the world cup to end because of the twists and turns its presented. It’s been the best series and the best movie for most people in it’s one month period. Social media coverage has been excellent. Anybody who didn’t watch the games for whatever reason wouldn’t have missed the scores, the fun, the silent moments of penalty taking and the celebration of goals. These pictures summarize the world cup as seen on social media; from Robin Van Persie’s wonder-goal to Robben’s supposed dives, to Brazil losing 7 goals to 1 against Germany, Messi’s first world cup final and of course the final. Germany/Argentina lifting the trophy.


Van Persie had quite a good start with a one-of-its-kind header against Spain… and the memes began


Van Persie the drone..


And when the game ended Spain 1-5 Netherlands, it just couldn’t stop…


Suffice to Say, Netherlands came with a demolishing train…


And they had to tell Chile that they got this …

Then Ochoa happened… Mexico’s goal keeper with stunning saves against Brazil, denying them any type of goal


Still Ochoa …


Spain had to win against Chile to have a chance to progress to the round of 16, but they just couldn’t find the elusive win. Chile terrorized them. This Brazilian had two words for the defending champions…


England wished they’d make it to the quarter finals, because they knew they had no chance, but there’s a problem when you aim too low. You don’t even get there. Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, also England’s Captain had this to say …



Ochoa Strikes Again!!! Against Netherlands this time round…


When Netherlands couldn’t make it, someone had to save them. And everyone was looking at Arjen Robben. We all know Robben, when everything refuses to work, he dives. And he did it with just 1 minute remaining of added time, winning a penalty that was scored by Huntelaar, earning them a chance in the Quarter finals. The world was not pleased at all, especially everyone supporting Mexico. The memes of Robben’s dive began…


Someone even suggested Robben should try a career in swimming …


Then South Korea were told to try practicing Robben’s dives


Robben the dummy …


Woah! This was the best of them all i have to say, 100%


With most teams not majorly pulling a surprise in the Round of 16, the Netherlands vs Mexico was very much the  highlight. In the Quarter finals again, all the big teams won, as expected. Then came the Semi-finals …


Brazil played the first game in the semi-finals, against Germany. The first goal was scored by Muller in the 11th minute, 12 minutes later, Miroslav Klose scored his defining goal to make him World Cup’s all-time top goalscorer. From there on, Germany’s mission was clear; finish Brazil. Didn’t the Germans do it well?


When Toni Kroos scored Germany’s 3rd goal a minute later after their second goal, Brazilians could only do the face palm


Brazil’s defender, David Luiz, who was also captaining the team came into question. Mourinho must have gotten quite a bargain …


Nobody expected Brazil to be losing 5-0 by half time but it was happening. And this pretty much explains it …


Brazil’s coach Scolari takes off mask to reveal David Moyes …


When AndrĂ© SchĂĽrrle scored the 6th goal in the 69th minute of the game, this is how Brazilians were leaving the stadium …


You could tell why …

If flags could breathe, talk, fight, eat, walk…. We know this would be the fate of the Brazilian flag


By the 89th minute, Brazil were 7 goals down. Oscar got a goal to cherish for them, something to console them. And a new flag … to define them



The Netherlands goalkeeper didn’t have much work. Brazil were already losing by the end of the first half…


Brazil lost again, albeit by lesser goals than their last match.


Congratulations to Messi for winning the Golden Ball, James Rodriguez for winning the Golden Boot and Manuel Neuer for winning the Golden Glove.

Well deserved Germany. 2014 World Cup Champions.