Microsoft tops

Microsoft more than doubles Oracle in earnings to remain most profitable software company in 2013

Despite Microsoft’s problems in getting a firm ground for their new range of mobile phone handsets, the company still remains the most profitable software company in the world. According to a new report by Statistica, Microsoft made $65.7 billion in 2013 as revenue from the sale of it’s diversified software business continued to soar.

However, that’s more than double what the second company in the report was making. Oracle flew in second with a revenue of $29.6 billion in 2013. IBM fell to 3rd spot after being toppled by Oracle which was 2nd in 2012’s analysis.

There was a new entry to the top 10. Salesforce.

Salesforce made $3.8 billion in 2013 to manage 10th position in the list of the 10 most profitable software companies in the world.

This list is a sign that despite the difficulties that companies are undergoing in the software market, there is still a significant growth. The research company indicates that global software revenue totalled $403.3 billion, a 4.8% increase of the results in 2012.

[This story first appeared at Statistica, the statistics portal owned by Mashable]