Microsoft’s Xbox One

Microsoft updates Xbox One with 3D Blu-ray capability plus other remote features

Microsoft has announced the next update for Xbox One. The update will feature remote download features, upgrades to the activity feed, and 3D Blu-ray functionality.

The update will being rolling out next week for early access users and will include 3D playback. The update also comes with ability to download games and apps remotely if you purchased them from and SmartGlass. However, you can only do this if your console is set to automatically turn on.

The update which also features upgrades to the software used by the controller will see the introduction of low-battery notifications and vibration of the controller when the Xbox button is held down long enough.

The activity feed will be upgraded to include changing the interface to a single column list with more content to allow users to post and like comments on their feed. The ability to post game clips to share with friends has also been included.
According to the Xbox Division at Microsoft, these upgrades were inspired by their newly implemented Xbox Feedback Channel where users have the ability to say what they want next from Xbox.

As we said earlier, early access users will see the update first followed by the rest in the coming months. More details about this update are on Xbox’s website. Must admit though that 3D Blu-ray functionality is a huge step forward for Xbox, PS4 and Sony need to really think about it.