Fitness tracker

Microsoft working on fitness tracker for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Reports emerging indicate that Microsoft is in the works developing a new fitness tracker, not a smartwatch as earlier claimed. What’s worth noting is that Microsoft is not restricting itself to operate within it’s operating system as reports from Paul Thurott’s Supersite for Windows indicate that it’s going to be iOS and Android based as well.

The fitness tracker, expected to work just like it’s competitor, Samsung’s Gear Fit, will fetch data about the users’ steps, calories burned and heart rate using it’s multiple sensors. This data will later be later be made available to the users via Microsoft’s Bing Fitness and Health app.

The wearable gadget will also display smartphone notifications on it’s screen, and is expected to come with a bounty of battery life, two days worth. Not to forget that this fitness tracker is yet to find a name, at least from the technology analysts since Microsoft refused to even comment about it. Microsoft’s spokesperson said;

We have nothing to share.

That means for now, we just call it Microsoft’s Fitness tracker. Oh! and it will probably cost you $340.