Microsoft’s Cortana outsmarts Apple’s Siri in new Windows Phone 8.1 Ad

For the first time Microsoft is has launched an advert targeted at Apple’s Siri, to remind all of us that Cortana really is the boss when it comes to context-aware voice assistants.

In the ad that’s been referred to as “Happy Anniversary” on YouTube, the user begins issuing commands to Cortana asking the voice assistant to remind him to tell his wife “Happy Anniversary” next time they talk on the phone. To which Cortana replies, “Next time you talk to Caroline, i’ll remind you.” Cortana meanwhile sets that as its reminder. Siri admits with an “Oh! No! I cannot do that.”

The next command to Cortana from the user is, “Oh and remind me to get flowers when am near any flower shop,” to which Cortana replies, “Sure thing, remind you to get flowers when you get to Flower shop.” As usual, Cortana adds that as a reminder. Meanwhile Siri cannot do that either.

As the commercial comes to a close, Cortana reminds the user that it’s time to leave because due to traffic it would probably take the user more than 25 minutes to get to his destination by 8:30 p.m.

Cortana has established itself as a very reliable voice assistant, it can do what Siri and Google Now can do, and even better. Looks like commercials have been hitting Apple left, right and center. Watch Microsoft’s commercial below;