Microsoft’s HoloLens Could Change Everything In Your World

With a lot of attention on companies releasing virtual reality technology Microsoft changes it up with the news of HoloLens that literally could change everything in your world. Microsoft’s utterly surprising unveiling of its new HoloLens head-mounted, holographic computing device last week was not just a major announcement for the tech giant but a game changer for the entire computer & technology industry.  To think that this technology will be in the hands of millions of people in the next year or so is very exciting. The company’s offering intends to take a more augmented reality approach that combines holographic imagery with the real world to deliver a “mixed reality” of both digital and real world.  Microsoft is starting to really innovate again.

HoloLens seems to be the first augmented-reality device done right. The 3D models it displays are crisp and vivid, and the interaction seems fluid and intuitive. The device itself looks stylish enough, although you probably won’t be wearing it outside. Most likely you’ll use it at home going about your daily business. And you won’t get tripped up because HoloLens is wireless and contains all the peripherals required for immersive use.

Microsoft HoloLens brings holography into the physical world. Now its possible to create what you think. It’s easy to convert your imagination into designs. Easier to explore the places never actually being there. Changes to the world you see are right around the corner. Watch the HoloLens Demo Video to see the future now.