Surface Pro 3 VS Macbook Air

Microsoft’s New Bite at Apple Against Macbook Air in New Ads

There has always been a war brewing between Mac & PC. Microsofts’s marketing machine has already armed and fired the advertising cannons at the the Mac Air piting it agaisnt the Surface pro 3.

The latest ads, entitled “Head to Head”, “Power” and “Crowded”, compare the Surface with Apple’s MacBook Air.

Ad: Head to Head
The Ad shows us that the Surface has a convenience selling point and can replace a laptop. Here is the advert:

Ad: Power
Surface pro 3 is an impressive device and packs a great processor with it, intel based Core i5. This is the same processor found in a macbook air. Microsofts tries to show how running Photoshop on Surface is easier.

With the recent ad against Apples personal assistance, SIRI, Microsoft seems to be seeing Apple as the only competitor in the Post PC era. What is surprising is that Apple has the least shares in the personal computer sector. Does this reflect that Apple seems to be finding a way of selling its computers and yet maintain iPad sales.

I think Microsoft is a bit confused on what really matters. PCs and tablets are very different devices and people so not trust a tablet to be really productive, not just yet.

Microsoft is only showing its prowess in being marketing-challenged, and frequently does a poor job of brand exposure and reputation management.

Forbes notes that the price tag on the device is an exorbitant figure ($1430) as compared to Macbook air at $1200. It also notes that microsoft needs to continue to work on the first two points—fighting to shift perception and public opinion about Microsoft itself, and about the Windows 8 operating system. That will take time. The one thing Microsoft could do that would make the Surface Pro 3 more appealing immediately is cut the price.