Moto 360 specs and price revealed by Best Buy retailers

The much expected Moto 360 has come up on Best Buy as the retailers were quick to reveal the smart watch’s specs earlier today. According to Best Buy, Motorola’s long anticipated smart watch will go for $250. This price may actually be a placeholder, we are not sure if this will be the ideal price, but it’s definitely best to expect the real price to fall within that range.

The retailers have also revealed that the Moto 360 will be compatible with most devices that have the Android 4.3 OS as well as any newer OS than that which will of course include Android 4.4 KitKat and the expected Android L. Bluetooth capabilities have been enabled in the new Moto 360 to ensure that you connect to devices wirelessly with no hassles. The wearable device will apparently allow you to operate it using spoken commands thanks to the activated voice system.

To notify you of events and anything else, vibration has been included. A very important feature of course although the idea of something vibrating on my hand has always freaked me out.

With a 1.5″ backlit LCD touch screen it will be easy to find your way around the features and visuals which are also enhanced by the smart watch’s 320×290 resolution and a pixel density 205 ppi (pixel per inch). The glass used on the Moto 360 will offer durability thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and adjustable brightness as well.

With a built-in heart rate monitor you will achieve or stay within your ideal heart rate range. Best Buy also reveals that the Moto 360 will have a built-in pedometer. This is basically the device that will measure the number of steps you take in order to monitor your fitness levels all through your day.

And of course, what’s a smart watch without the functionality of a watch? Moto 360 integrates a digital watch interface to check the time and date, a built-in alarm and a calendar. The retailers indicate that the calendar will have calendar features, you know, calendar features could be anything.

A waterproof Moto 360 makes sense right? So this one is waterproof to 3.3′ for upto 30 minutes. If you like swimming or any other water related activity this feature will benefit you.

In terms of design, the Moto 360 will have a Stainless-steel case and plastic case back. The Leather band will obviously be adjustable with a metal buckle. Regarding the battery and processor, there isn’t much information. As of now all we hear is that the battery will be long-lasting and the processor will be fast. Not enough details am afraid, but we can do with that in the next 3 weeks as we expect the watch to be officially launched.

What do you think about the features and price of the Moto 360? Let us know in the comments section below.