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Net Blocker: The easiest way to prevent android apps from accessing the internet - Techpurge Net Blocker: The easiest way to prevent android apps from accessing the internet - Techpurge

Net Blocker: The easiest way to prevent android apps from accessing the internet

Several times while reading a document on your phone, the document reader gets access to your internet data. The reader downloads updates and other background data without your knowledge. The result is that your internet data wastes away. You get all mad and angry that you will have to buy more data for your day. What’s even more astonishing is that you don’t know how your data just disappeared. You haven’t been on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, but you don’t have the data. You get pissed and angry. You call you service provider and you are very mad that they have stolen your bundles. Wait, it’s not them, it’s not you. It’s your mobile phone so chill out buddy!! I want to help you out.

Installed apps listed on Net Blocker


Using Net Blocker, you can stop this frustration for good.

Net Blocker is a free application on the Play Store. It’s used to prevent apps from accessing the internet, either via Wi-fi or mobile data.

Here’s how it works;

When you open Net Blocker, you find all your mobile apps listed. Tapping on one mobile app allows you to choose whether you want to block this app from accessing either Wi-fi, mobile data, or both.

After stopping the app from accessing the data, you can now go ahead and use the mobile application even with the internet enabled.

When you open the blocked mobile app, there will be an icon at the notification bar from Net Blocker informing you that you have blocked this application from accessing the internet. By tapping on this notification, you can go straight into Net Blocker and unblock the app hence allowing it to access the internet once again.


This app falls into one of very few apps that have just been made to work for you. You don’t have to work hard to make it work. One function leads to the other, and things get done. Its tap, tap, tap and you get what you want.

It makes work easier for you. When you don’t want several apps to access the internet, while at the same time you want to be chatting on WhatsApp or even tweeting as you use these other applications in the spirit of multitasking, this is the app you need. You can block Google Play Store from downloading or searching for updates in the background. As you do that, you can chat on WhatsApp knowing that your internet is safe, you can tweet or Facebook as well knowing that Play Store, or Kindle, or Adobe Reader mobile apps are not eating your data away.

Block Data on Net Blocker

The ability of this app to block the internet on ‘per-app’ basis is what I really liked. That you can have your internet enabled and still block specific apps on your phone from accessing the internet while allowing other apps to, is in itself a good move forward. It means you don’t have to disable your internet every other time, you can just prevent internet access for the troublemaking apps.

Multi-tasking just got better.


If you fall under those of us who really care how an app is designed, then Net Blocker is not necessarily the best design, but it’s the simplest design and it works. No ads. Seamless movement and an intuitive interface.

The app’s menu is divided into these sections;

  1. Installed – All installed apps on your phone.
  2. Block all nets – Apps which have no access to both Wi-Fi and Mobile data
  3. Block data – Apps lacking access to mobile data only
  4. Block Wi-Fi – Apps lacking access to Wi-Fi only

The app itself is very light. Once it gets wind of all your apps, it’s very fast even on low and middle-range smartphones. With a default red background, you will notice that the app kind of changes color as you move from one section to another. I think it brings a lot more interest and it’s probably the only app I’ve used that does the transition so well.

Settings menu

You can move from one menu section to another by tapping on the name of the menu or by swiping left or right on your screen. The swiping function sometimes doesn’t work. I noticed on my phone that sometimes I swipe and it doesn’t move, but most times when I swiped either left or right when on a particular section it worked so I’m thinking it could be on my phone only.


Net Blocker presents the simplest way to manage how your apps access the internet all under one roof. While using each of the blocked apps, you will see a notification that allows you to enable data for the blocked app. You can choose to enable or not. If you enable, the notification now request’s you to disable the internet for that app again so when you are done with it and you no longer need it to access the data, you just tap away.

More setting option

It’s simple to say I haven’t seen an app that functions just as I need it to especially for this task. Despite the problems with swiping, this is a good download. On top of that it’s free. I think it’s worth the shot.

[Download Net Blocker from Google Play Store]



A brilliant app with minor blemishes

Good Things

  • Light design works on even the lowest range of smartphones
  • Organized notification system that doesn't disrupt user
  • Clean design with zero in-app ads

Bad Things

  • Swipe feature is a bit unresponsive, not consistent when it is

The Breakdown