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New Android 4.4 named KitKat, says Google - Techpurge New Android 4.4 named KitKat, says Google - Techpurge

New Android 4.4 named KitKat, says Google

Google executive announced officially that the new Android 4.4 is called KitKat. This is after months of speculation that the new Android would be named Key Lime Pie. Google Executive, Sundar Pichai confirmed the name via a post shared on Google+ , official company page. This ends months of speculation into the rumours that Key Lime Pie was the name of the new Android 4.4 mobile operating system.

Google has been known to name its mobile operating system after sweets, considering that Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich were desserts, but this time it’s a different direction. Kit Kat is a trademarked product.

So what is Kit Kat? Well, it’s a branded chocolate bar belonging to Hershey brand in the US, but a Nestle Product worldwide.

No reports of exchanging money have been mentioned, at least according to Android Director of Global partnerships, John Lagerling, … but there is definitely a good reason why Google decided to kick out “Key Lime Pie” and instead choose “KitKat”.KitKat

With this development, Nestle is looking to launch promotions for the KitKat mobile operating system by offering a free Nexus 7 and Google Play Credit to contestants who design winning KitKat bars. The official landing page from Nestle is already up.

Reports indicate that Nestle took long before they responded to Google’s request, well, “long” being just an hour. Is that really long? I bet they were excited.

Anyway, Google dropped the space between Kit and Kat hence naming the OS “KitKat” rather than the original “Kit Kat” chocolate bars from Nestle.

Pichai also suggested that Google had now surpassed activation of 1 billion android devices. This is proof that Android is definitely here to stay and that it will be humming and buzzing for a long time to come.

Let us know what your insights are in the comments section below seeing that we have a new Android mobile OS in the offing, “KitKat”.

Featured image courtesy of Google