Pinterest’s new updates for the iPhone App

It’s a year now since Pinterest was officially released to the public and it has been going viral and a remarkable trend can be seen in how people are embracing it. Within the year Pinterest has undergone different changes and updated their apps to go in line with latest market trends and make the customers experience even better.

And guess who is smiling this time round? The iPhone users will be enjoying further opportunities with Pinterest. Pinterest developers released their new updated app version 2.6 for the iPhone. Let’s see what new things they have for us;

  • By pressing and holding on to a particular pin (photo), the options to share, pin or like will appear. These options appear as three icons that you can slide as you move to each option, now, how classy is that? I guess, very. Wait, this is the gist though, if you lift your finger off the screen while performing these actions, the options disappear. So you got to have your finger pressed down and holding onto the pin until you are done.
  • Secondly, you can edit your Home feed via the edit Home feed function that was also added to the app. Only the iPhone app has this feature and that’s another reason why the iPhone owners are seriously happy.
  • iPad owners will also be able to send pins to their friends and followers on Pinterest, a new feature.
  • Small bug fixes were done and crashes fixed too.

Similar updates for the Android and Windows phones were not delved upon and it’s not known if and when such updates shall be made for these two platforms.

Want to download the Pinterest app for the iPhone, you will find it here. Download Pinterest App for iOS