Skype for web

Skype for Web enables video and voice calls via browser

Skype, one of the most popular video and voice calling solutions in the world is rolling out an update to enable new and existing users worldwide to make calls from the web browser. Previously, you were only able to use Skype after downloading the application to your desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. In the company’s latest announcement , that is set to change.

The VoIP company announced Skype for Web which is a version that is still in beta. This version allows you to chat and video/voice call right from This move settles a lot of hustles for travelling people as much as new users. The hustle of being forced to download the Skype application onto whatever gadget you are using is now going to be a thing of the past. By visiting and logging into your account you can get talking and chatting right away with all your contacts. You will also see your most recent conversations.

Skype boasts a total of 33 million hours per day of video and voice which translates to over 2 billion daily minutes. For people who are getting a computer that doesn’t have Skype already downloaded, Skype for Web is going to be helpful if you are not a techie person. The update will be rolling out to a few users first but will later go worldwide.

There is a string of changes happening on Skype lately. Almost a month ago, Skype, which was bought by Microsoft in 2011 announced a new video messaging app called Qik but pronounced as “Quick”. Qik is supposed to be Skype’s competition for SnapChat’s 15-second videos and Twitter’s Vine. Using Skype’s Qik feature you can send short 42-second videos to your family and friends. The videos then disappear from Skype after 2 weeks.