The New Version of Android No One is Using

According to the latest Android developer stats,  Android version 5.0, Lollipop, is installed on so few devices that it fails to even register on the charts. That is, it’s running on fewer than 0.1% of handsets.

While the biggest competitor to Android, Apple, does releases its operating systems on its own, and supports most of its recent devices with each new update, Android trickles out more slowly and haphazardly.

Google android adoption graphic

It takes a while for device makers and mobile operators—which are in charge of distributing new Android releases—to customize and test their specific flavors of Android. In this case, Google’s Nexus 9 users had Lollipop already installed when the new device started shipping in November.

The positive here is that the ability for companies to use and customize Android relatively freely has helped make it the world’s most popular operating system.

Google has failed to take back control of the whole android experience with its efforts. Android still remains fragmented to the demise of the developers. They cannot be able to take full advantage of the developing technologies hence the progress is very slow.