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The Nike FuelBand SE fitness tracker: The makeover to the original fitness gadget

Nike just announced the new FuelBand SE; the revamped fitness tracker is set to hit the stores on November 6 at the starter price of $149.

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The tracker comes with some commendable improvements: Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, improved water resistance, and a new twist in form of accents that have different hues. Among them is pink, volt, black and crimson. The Tracker now also includes the Nike+ swoosh logo.


The FuelBand was keen to include the sleep measure; this is to catch up to its competitors, the Jawbone Up and the Fitbit Force. Hold down the device’s button for approximately 3 seconds to launch the sleep-tracking mode. You stop it by hitting it again when you wake up. The same steps will be used to start logging you work out sessions.

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It maintains the same design as its predecessor, so nothing to talk about here. The same circular shape with a mostly black color exterior. To add to this, the FlueBand retains its strict ‘No Android’ policy, it only integrates with iOS.


The new FuelBand succeeds Nike’s original fitness tracker, released early in 2012. The product was a gem in the market, strategically released at a time when wearable technology and fitness gadgets had exploded.

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Well similar to its competitors in the market, the new FuelBand is designed to push people to stay more active during the day. I guess that’s why Nike believes that its users will buy into the Fuel activity point system, hyped to be even more addictive than we assume.

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