Nokia’s firs tablet, the Lumia 2520 leaks in cyan and red.

@evleaks was at it again, this time releasing press images showing the long-rumored Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet in both cyan and red.

The images were some kind of follow up to a tweet referring to the colors of the Nokia Lumia 2520; these are cyan, red, black, and white.


The Lumia 2520, formerly nicknamed the ‘Nokia Sirius’, was leaked last month by the same notorious source, evleaks.



Its known that Nokia are holding an event on October 22 in Abu Dhabi. This is probably when the phone maker is poised to release the tablet. The Nokia Lumia 1520 6-inch is also expected to be unveiled on the same date. This brings the total number of devices set to be unveiled on that date to six.

The images show the windows button placed in the center, with the volume buttons on the edge. The ongoing backstreet rumors about the specs place the device on the higher end. It is set to spot a 1080p, 10.1-inch display, running Windows RT, featuring a 6.7MP camera, 10 hours battery life, LTE support, 32GB of storage, a microHDMI connector and a micro USB port.

In addition to this, it is rumored to include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC and 32GB of storage. The 2520 is also rumored to come with a built-in kickstand and support for an optional keyboard that will also double up as a battery extender.


Nokia has never confirmed any of the rumors. Reports from set the price at $499, and it should go on sale to Verizon customers on November 17th (or 18th).

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