Now there is an app for Facebook Groups

When Facebook released their earnings in October, they announced that they had reached a worthwhile 700 million Facebook users in groups, a figure that has grown past January’s 500 million. That’s majorly the reason why today Facebook launched Facebook Groups, a separate app for people to communicate and interact with members of groups to which they have joined as well as also find new ones to join.

Facebook’s announcement of the Facebook Groups app comes only a few weeks since Facebook released a stand alone app for messages. It was mandatory for everyone to download the Messenger app but that’s not the same case for this new groups app. Today’s release is optional at least for now.

Facebook Groups is being released on the iOS and Android platforms. When you open the app you will see a list of the groups you have joined with the most viewed groups being listed top while the least viewed are listed bottom. On a separate “Discovery” tab you will get to explore other groups that are available for you to join. The discovery tab suggests groups for you to join depending on your currently joined groups or the ones your friends have joined. Your interests will also determine the suggestions you get.

Shirley Sun, one of Facebook’s product managers while speaking to Mashable said that the company intends to make it very simple for the power users of groups to access the groups and join conversations easily. Initially, if you had joined a group on Facebook, you wouldn’t know much of what is going on there unless you got a notification that there is something new. However, with Facebook’s latest update it will now be easy for people who have joined multiple groups to get notified on the latest discussions.

The application also allows you to easily create a new group without any hustle. The ability for you to easily see notifications and control which notifications you want to see is also very important here. Designed with the groups administrators in mind, if you are an administrator of a group you will find it much easier to manage your group now with the app.

To download the Facebook groups app, click the links below:

[Download Facebook Groups for Android / iPhone]