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The phone-to-hand fitting special.

It’s really astonishing at the number of screen sizes these days, overwhelming actually. Smartphones now come with displays ranging from midlevel ones to this new age gargantuan phablet, and not to forget the large number of phones in between. This article is to help you figure out where you fit in this, or rather what fits your hand. This is to ensure you make the smart choice when it comes to selecting a screen.

The fantastic 4-inchers

Not a while back, 4-inch screens were something like the standard when it came to high-end smartphones, well that was then, now that’s more of the size you associate with the more commonly found budge blowers.

Let’s face it, at the current time; if you’re looking for a cheap smartphone which satisfies all the basics and still manages to provide a decent screen for you, this is your range, 3.5 to 4-inches.

This phone will come off as very easy to use with one hand, or for smaller hands. This smaller screen also makes it ideal for kids and young adults, teens and others in this general size area.

The phones that really stand out for me on this front are the Nokia Lumia 520 and the Huawei Ascend Y300, both offering 5MP rear cameras coupled with 1GHz dual-core processors.

The Samsung Galaxy Fame should give you an even fuller smartphone experience.


One exception to the cheap phone zone is Apple. The Cupertino based firm stands strong on its smaller screen phone in both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

The mini monsters

This is for those who want something that can simply slide into any tight jeans pocket, but with a considerable amount of additional oomph. Yes, something that will not deflate your pocket and probably not come with the iOS 7 should fit in this region.

The two phones heading my list are the HTC One Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which are more or less proportionally reduced versions of their larger siblings.

Samsung_Galaxy 2_opt

Both of them sport 4.3-inch screens , with the HTC mini beating the S4 Mini in terms of resolution, but the Super AMOLED feature on the Samsung is not to be taken lightly, it make this phone quite vibrant.

These handsets may not have the much-hyped specs associated with their larger counterparts but you still get a sizable amount of power. The Snapdragon 400 dual-core processor in both, with 1GB of RAM in the HTC and 1.5GB in the Samsung, ensuring Android Jelly Bean runs impeccably.

Another plus is that their prices don’t leave you badly off. The devises have fair price tags according to me, and will be perfect for those whose pockets need looking after.

The 5-inch la familia

This is a phone for those with an affinity for the best tech, those who want the fastest phones coupled with the crispest displays and the snappiest of cameras.

A few years ago, the thought of such a large phone was ridiculous; I mean the thought of taking a call on such a huge handset in that era of smaller ones would have just looked awkward. Well, having said that, I can now say that for those who have ventured into the larger screen waters, most of them at least, have liked it, an now prefer it to the smaller ones.


This category happens to hold most of today’s flagship phones and some of the popular ones of those too. These phones will prove much harder to use one handed, but will offer a lot more when it comes to multimedia and entertainment.

Some of the phone on this grouping are Samsung’s S4 (5-inch) being joined by the HTC One (4.7-inch), Sony Xperia Z1 (5-inch) and LG G2 (5.2-inch) – all of which boast astonishing full HD displays.

But, just to remind everyone, these phones are not cheap, and if you have the funds, consider getting one of these, they will prove to be a great deal.

Fabulous phablets

The phablets are here, just in case you missed their arrival. They are wining more fans every day and growing from strength to strength. They just happen to hit the sweet spot between phone and tablet.

They are better at playing videos, films and to some extent games; well better than most standard smartphones anyway. Another plus is that due to the large screen this means a larger phone and equally, a larger battery making for longer battery life. And who doesn’t like that?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will top the list of phone on this and joining it is the HTC One Max, the Nokia Lumia 1520 and the 6.4-inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra follow s.

For me the ultimate control phone has to be the Galaxy Note 3 because of the added functionality of the S Pen stylus. However, if you’re looking for the perfect tablet phone hybrid then the Z Ultra is the device for you.


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