Photographers angry with Yahoo over selling Flickr photos

Photographers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Yahoo’s move to sell supposedly free photos on Flickr. Several photographers who called The Wall Street Journal explained that some of the photos Yahoo was selling were not meant for sale and had been uploaded on the image website to be used for free. However, Yahoo turned a blind eye on that and began to print the photos on Canvas and selling them off to interested buyers.

Flickr is a photo-sharing website owned by Yahoo. The site announced last week that it would begin selling canvas prints of some photos photographers uploaded on the site. According to the announcement, images that were not free for use to the public would be sold and the photographers given 51 percent of the cut, Flickr takes 49 percent.

Yahoo’s treatment of some images has however angered some photographers. These are the images uploaded on the website under the Creative Commons Licence. They are usually free to use with a few restrictions. One of the restrictions would include using a photo and crediting it to the owner with a link back to the owner’s page.

Photographers who have photos under the Creative Commons Licence now claim that Yahoo was taking advantage of the Flickr Community and making revenue at the expense of the community’s generosity and art of sharing.

In-spite of all this hullabaloo, The Wall Street Journal has indicated that some photographers were okay with the move, with only 6 out 14 contacted photographers angry with Yahoo’s decision.

Yahoo’s Vice President of Flickr, Bernardo Hernandez, said in an email statement about the issue that Flickr’s photographers have “a credible amount of flexibility” and should have indicated that their photos were not allowed for commercial purposes. He also asked the photographers who were protesting to withdraw their images from the Creative Commons Licence.

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