Pocket for Android review


The Pocket app has a smooth design, the offline caching, and unmatched system integration across all platforms and other apps. The only feature missing is the ability to reorder items on your pocket list.

This app blows competitors like Instapaper out of the water. It’s truly the app to beat in the bookmark and link management arena.

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Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is a bookmarking app that syncs across all your devices. It enables you to put away lengthy articles or videos, queues them up for later reading or watching. The app really simplifies transition from one device to another, a clear favorite that I always use when in transit.


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Pocket requires you to sign up for an account, and once this is done, saving items to your list is simple enough. You read an article or watch an awesome video and feel the need to store it for later use, all you have to do is hit the menu button and use Android’s share feature to save the page to your pocket account.

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Once the item is saved, this means you can access the same at any time and on any device that allows you to. The app also automatically caches the items for offline viewing (including videos).


The settings menu enables you to select whether to cache full web pages or stripped-down versions, which only allow words, images, captions, and links from the article. The other option, which I strongly recommend, is to let Pocket select which version to save according to the type of content. Pocket also eases the load on the phone with the option to store all your items directly to your microSD card. Well, this are just some of the little things that pockets developers included to win me over.

The fun doesn’t stop with this app; it actually takes reading your articles out of the equation by supporting Androids text-to-speech feature. Pocket will actually read your content aloud. The robotic voice may be a little strange but it capability is remarkable. The listen feature is also included; however, it doesn’t leave up to its full potential. Maybe after Google upgrades its TTS engine, then it will get more use.

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On using the app, you quickly realize that it’s easier to sort your content type and to edit items in bulk. The search bar also makes it easier to find items by tad, title or URL. So, don’t be worried that once your pocket is full of content, that it will be difficult to find items, because it won’t. it will be relatively easy to go back to your list and find anything you’re looking for, the search feature ensures this. In addition to this, once you check items off, they are moved to an archive, and you can re-access them later.


On a different note, the one thing I feel that Pocket’s developers failed to include was the ability to reorder the items on your list. I understand it isn’t exactly a huge deal, but it would have been great to have.

Moving on, one of Pocket’s most important capabilities is sharing. The feature is greatly improved in the more recent version, where it gives users the option to email links to friends. Well the awesome thing about it is that you won’t have to leave the app to do so. The send to a friend feature is located on the share menu, and also allows you to include a comment with your link. Well the fun doesn’t stop there, you may also highlight a specific passage or quote and e-mail it along with your link. The notification will show up in the recipient’s inbox.

Just when you think this app couldn’t get any better, it proves you wrong. This time with its open API, this has enabled a host of other mobile and desktop applications to integrate its features. What this means is that you can save links to Pocket from your Twitter account, Yelp, YouTube or even you’re Google Reader. The list continues to grow as more parties see the use of the app. It’s this level of compatibility that really puts Pocket ahead of the crowd.


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Aside from other services incorporating Pocket’s features, it also works well to integrate other services into itself as well. Take YouTube for instance, if you save a video to your list, then you may watch it right within the Pocket app. Save content directly from your Twitter, and Pocket will allow you to see the original tweet that you saved from. To add to this, you may retweet, favorite, or reply, you guessed it, directly from your Pocket app.

The effectiveness of this app cannot be overstated. Pocket conveniently integrates with other apps thus making it so easy to use. Not a day has gone by without using it that is ever since I installed it into my phone. The full design and attention to intricate details has really set Pocket up as the app to beat.


Good Things

  • It has an awesome design
  • Incredible offline support
  • Unmatched compatibility across all devices

Bad Things

  • The only one is the inability to reorder items once in the list

The Breakdown

Features and Support