project Gregory

Project Gregory turns billboards into attractive shelter for the homeless

Following the current phenomenon of homelessness around the world, a team of designers and architects in Slovakia has come up with an awesome idea to turn billboards into tiny shelters for the homeless. There have been several tries in the  past to provide accommodation for the homeless people around us, however, the complex task of finding solutions has made this efforts almost futile. The architectural team in Slovakia is hoping that this idea might be the solution.

It’s a two-room apartment built around the triangular shape of the billboards. In the two rooms you will get a kitchen, an office space, a bed with some storage underneath and even a bathroom. The project which has been dubbed as The Gregory Project is still in it’s initial phases, but following the concepts, these should serve to give an idea of what the final product will look like.


The floor plan of the shelters has been designed to follow the triangular shape of the billboards. There are two billboards facing the road from either side. Project Gregory fancies the idea that just a little of the cash received by advertising agencies from these billboard spaces, can be used to maintain these homes.


Slovakia is a country with several energy grids and a lot of water, the idea if implemented well, could be groundbreaking and beneficial to get the homeless cleaned up and maybe finally have them join the workforce.

The idea is a truly promising and beneficial one and would go along way in saving humanity. However, like all other great ideas, speculation has been laid on whether the idea is truly viable, and if it can work. Challenges envision it, like the probability of these homeless people being drug addicts, and maybe having mental issues in which case they may destroy a beautiful shelter like this one;



The big question to ask however is, should we leave them to continue living as they are? Definitely not.

Homeless people

Not a very good thing when we cannot use the technology at our disposal to enhance the life of people. Therefore, as difficult as it sounds, if implemented well, it’s a project that could be copied all over the world.