iron man

The Real Iron Man Suit, being developed by the US Army.


This is a script straight from Hollywood sets. The us army tries to bring to life the war suit worn by the fictional character Iron Man from  the famous Marvel’s movies, by the same title.

I can just picture it now, some US army official watching Iron Man with a notebook in hand, scribbling away. The US military is asking those in the technology industry, Government labs and the academic world to assist in the efforts to build a smart armor suit that will give troops the superhuman edge they require in intense combat situation.

The army is already testing other exoskeletons that let soldiers carry larger loads and much further out. The so-called Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (Talos) will have a similar frame but would also include layers of smart materials strategically fitted with sensors.

Also on the same, the suit would need to have wide area networking capabilities, not to mention wearable computer devices similar to Google Glass. Therefore, this means that the suit will have 360-degree vision, in addition to the already available night vision capabilities.


The smart material should be able to monitor heart rate, body temperature and hydration levels. As for the exoskeleton, which could be fit to the arms and leg, could use hydraulics to magnify strength.

The US army reports that scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would probably be involved in the design. Currently, an MIT team is in the works developing a liquid body armor. The fluids transforms into solid when a magnetic field or electric current is introduced.

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