A woman touches an iPhone 6 Plus as it sits next to an iPhone 6 after they went on sale at the Apple store in Sydney

A bend test for Samsung and Apple’s Phones

Apple has gotten in lots of trouble after latest reports and videos surfaced of iPhone 6 Plus owners complaining that the phone bends too easily — especially after being stored in your pocket.

The popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has decided to bend the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy put the 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 through the same stress test that wrecked the iPhone 6 Plus on Tuesday — and it fared much better. The Note 3 bent slightly under pressure, but it went back to its position because its made of plastic.

The iPhone 6 Plus, comparatively, looked warped and bent after the same test. When Hilsenteger tried to bend the iPhone 6 Plus back to its normal state, the glass screen started to crack.

I would say that all huge phones bend considering they are thin and it depends on the form factor. For now if you are interested in a better, long lasting phone that will not bend i would opt to buy the Note 3 or the much stronger iPhone 6.

Below are the two videos.
Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test