Samsung Gear fit gets its 30 second Ad

Well, the age of 30 second ads is here. Every company is doing all it can to explain their device in 30 seconds, or at least that is what am seeing.

Big tech companies like Apple and Samsung are spending millions of Dollars or Kenyan Billions to just make this adverts.

Today, Samsung released a 30 second Samsung Gear Fit advert on YouTube. Watch it on the video below


The ad is very similar to the Mac Pro Ad for design and its even better. Samsung flaunts its curved display and being “the first” to ever manufacture it, they are proud to show. The design of the watch is commendable and offers you a variety of background colors, wallpapers, and clock designs for you to set according to your taste. You can look at your screen horizontally or vertically as it rotates to adjust to your view.