Samsung Holiday Dreams Innovative Commercial

Count on Samsung to be innovating when it comes to their commercials. ¬†It’s incredible how many types of ads this tech giant puts out each year. ¬†Samsung has just released a new technological marvel this holiday season and it’s not a device nor a product of any kind. ¬†It’s featuring almost all of their cutting edge products in a form of a revolutionary commercial. ¬†Using a non-stop digital storyboard called “dreams” it takes the viewer on a journey through magical worlds. In the words of Samsung:

“We are featuring 74 different devices including the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 4, Gear S, and Curved UHD TV and a synchronized dreamscape, in order to tell the story of a young girl’s holiday dream.”

In Holiday Dreams, the company has created a basic animation but continuously moving across different devices in a way that hasn’t been seen before in commercials. Follow the young girl’s dream as she travels to different worlds. Samsung has a good track record when coming out with creative commercials this time of year and “Holiday Dreams” follows this tradition while pushing the boundaries further in digital media and innovation. I’m excited to see what Samsung has in store in 2015. Does Apple have some innovative commercials coming out?

This is a much watch for all technology enthusiasts and it’s sure to become a classic with creative story telling in digital media.

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