Samsung unveils some huge screen tablets at the CES.

It’s like the maker is in a competition with itself to produce increasingly large screen devise. Well this time round the increase in size was present in the new tablets they demonstrated at this year’s International CES. They honestly believe that the larger screen 12.2- inch tablet is the next choice for consumers, pertaining to size that is.

They seemed quite confident with their Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO products. These products combine a massive display with a variety of other top-notch specs, not to mention some incredible optimization for many apps.

The NotePRO tablet comes in 12.2 screen size and includes an S-Pen stylus. This Tablet will only be available in this size. The TabPRO on the other hand will come in three sizes, the 8.4-inch screen, 10.1-inch screen, and 12.2-inch screen.

The electronics giants were keen to mention that they plan to have the devices unveiled (officially) to selected retailers across Asia in the first quarter of 2014.