Samsung Unveils Virtual Reality From A Phone

Samsung’s Note 4-powered VR headset is on its way to a virtual reality screen near you.

A truly wire free experience, Samsung’s Gear VR is out now being called an Innovator’s Edition, putting virtual reality into the hands of some early testers, die-hard techies and the like so we can only imagine what the future holds for VR in the next few years with this ground breaking technology. I’ve always been fascinated with virtual reality and I’m excited to test out Samsung’s first attempt at VR.  Most of the reviews that have been posted around the internet are impressed with how far this technology has come in a short time. Sure, there will be some bugs but it’s incredible to think that we can experience virtual reality on a mobile device at a fraction of the cost!  Samsung working with Oculus will continue to put out amazing products. They are a great team and will benefit from each other making VR something that can reach the mass market in the coming years. The next level for the gaming industry arriving in the virtual world is right around the corner.

Although this version only uses one of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 4, there is word that future models of the Gear VR will work with other devices.

Samsung Gear VR on Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has launched the new Gear VR. Virtual Reality on the Galaxy Note 4