Iphone vs Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s New Anti-Apple Commercial Hits it Hard

Apple fans, sammy is doing all it can to pull you to world Android. Lately Samsung has gone rogue and released several commercials that diss the iPhone on the points its scores low. In this latest ad dubbed “Screen Envy” , Samsungs puts down the iPhone for having a much smaller screen than the flagship Galaxy S5 which boasts a 5.1-inch display. In this one there are two guys sitting at a table – likely in a coffee shop – both on their phones. A Galaxy S5 and an iPhone.

The guy with the iPhone says that the iPhone is supposed to get a bigger screen this year. While the Samsung guy casually says “That hasn’t happened yet?” And that’s when it hits you, like really? Apple hasn’t gone with a bigger screen yet? Things are looking good at one infinite loop, apples HQ, this year as its suggested by many leaks that they might pump up the screen size to a 4.7 inch and possibly a 5.5 inch iPhone. Samsung ends the commercial with “with 5.1-inches of full HD”.

Here is the Video:


This ad may be a panic show from samsung especially when latest reports indicate that iPhone 5s sales are still stronger than Samsung Galaxy S5. Well done Samsung though, am sure Tim cook has got the message. But again, you should focus on letting us know what we can do with the bigger screen instead of showing us iPhone in every Ad.