How Secure is Blackphone, the Worlds Most Secure Phone?

Turns out, its not. An hacker by the name hacker @TeamAndIRC managed to root the Blackphone in just five minutes by enabling the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) without unlocking the bootloader.
Blackphone is a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone, who created the phone with personal data protection in the forefront of their minds.
Blackphone creators replied saying that they have issued updates for the vulnerabilities:

According to @TeamAndIRC there were three issues discovered. The first one is that he was able to get ADB turned on. Turning ADB on is not a vulnerability as this is part of the Android operating system. We turned ADB off because it causes a software bug and potentially impacts the user experience, a patch is forthcoming. His second discovery is accurate and here is the point I want to stress to the community. We found this vulnerability on July 30, had the patch in QA on July 31, and the OTA update released on August 1. That is pretty fast, no?

I don’t believe there is a true secure phone since making a new OS is not an easy task. With Android being vulnerable and iOS being just a step away from hacking, we are not anywhere near a Secure Phone for the public.