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Shreddies; Underwear that Filters Stink Particles in Fart

Thank God for the British industrial designer Paul O’Leary. If you are the kind of person who likes eating everything you meet on your way home, this might just help to curb your “stinking particles”,…at least that’s how they are called scientifically.

Paul O’Leary designed the fart-filtering underwear and only until a few days ago did it go extremely public. We are not talking farts and much as i was inclined about writing this article at first i think it will have to pass anyway. For our very puritanical readers, i’m wondering whether i should be sorry at all??!

It’s called Shreddies. The underwear, yes. It’s name comes from occurrences in the British Forces. According to CNN, the soldiers’ underwear would shred from so much marching. And that begot the name to the underwear “Shreddies”.

Working with designers from Montfort University’s Lingerie Design course ( I don’t know why there is no course like this in other places because i know quite a number of people who would be more than willing to do it), Paul O’Leary used a carbon cloth called Zorflex which is known for use in Chemical warfare suits to come up with Shreddies.

Female Shreddies

Do you want to know why fart is considered very dangerous? You have the answer right there. The name is related to British Forces, and the material, Zorflex was used in chemical warfare. It’s like this designer chose to go all military on every one who is out to disrupt the peaceful air we all have. Question though is, can it prevent the sounds? I know you are probably wishing it would but am sorry … your embarrassing moments shall continue to stay. It’s really unfortunate that they help with the stink and do nothing to the noise though.

Back to the design, there is nothing to worry about while using this underwear that’s been neatly sewn to the rear, it’s all clear for use and already being sold. In fact, the company reports an increase of 400% in orders since this news went online. So you can get yours too.


As you release gas, the stink particles–let’s use this technical term that for now–get trapped by the magical scientific filter. And it squashes the smell by the way. The smell killed, dead. What’s even better, for the worst farts–(does that sound like your friend somewhere? Me too) — it actually has the ability to squash the smell of “200 times the average flatulence emission.” So even the best in that team of eating horribly is well taken care of. Freedom to fart silently even when you are more deadly.

Men’s boxer briefs cost between $39 and $45, while women’s panties are about $31 to $34. Want to check out more offers, Visit Myshreddies.

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