Snapchat ad

Snapchat’s first ad is a scary “Ouija” movie trailer

Snapchat published their first ad on the “Recent Updates” feed and it was really terrific and horrific. It’s a trailer of the new horror movie called “Ouija.” If you are a Snapchat user then you probably saw it. In case it didn’t appear on your timeline, check it out below:

Snapchat had written a post informing users that adverts were coming soon. This is the first of what is believed to be the path to a money-making Snapchat. The company has been through tough times in the last few weeks following hacked photos from that are threatening to compromise the social network’s credibility.

Several Snapchat users expressed frustrations and anger towards the first Snapchat ad, some claiming that the ad was too standard and not fun or unique, others were scared stiff and most users were annoyed as hell. Check out the following reactions:

Snapchat ad screenshot3 Snapchat ad screenshot2 Snapchat ad screenshot1


Snapchat had promised users that the ads were not going to be creepy. The irony. The image and video sharing social network’s first attempt at cashing in on some dollars comes three months after the company was valued at $10 billion despite not making any money.