Apple Introduces New Versions Of The iMac Computer And  iLife Applications

How Steve Jobs was against the iPad Mini, and much more.

Sources claim that the late former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was against the whole iPad Mini idea. He strongly believed that there was no market for a smaller tablet.

On the other hand, and ironically, his successor Tim Cook then was for the idea, in fact, the driving force behind the device. Reports indicate that he advised his colleges to proceed despite Job’s opposition.

Well as history would have it, Cook is now running things and interesting enough Apple design Chief Jony Ive claims that not much has changed. That may be true but I guess will know for sure once the  new generation of devices, that is, the iPhone 6 and the much hyped iWatch.

When Cook first took over after Jobs, the question on everyone’s mind was basic, ‘will Apple survive without Steve Jobs.’ This was all well and good, but the interesting thing is that no one ever thought to ask if Apple would grow even further without him. I mean, Jobs did a great job to get the company to the place it is now, but maybe Cook is what the company needs to take advantage of their size and grow even further.

Nevertheless, it’s still too early to judge Cooks era, like I said, we have yet to see the new range of devices that the company has cooked up.