Talk of LeBron James’s $30 million payout.

It seem like LeBron can’t stop winning (unless you count the current finals), be it on-court leading his team to remarkable streaks or off-court, closing million dollar deals, $30 million to be precise. Reportedly, as James battled to lead his team to the Eastern Conference finals, he was also in the works finalizing what is being termed as the biggest equity cash payout for a pro athlete in history.

This deal stems from the very recent acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple for $3billion.

It all started in 2008 when LeBron struck a deal to get a stake in the company, in exchange for promotion agreement for the high-end headphones.

More on the same, LeBron seems to be the kind of player who puts his team first, I mean despite being four-time MVP, 10-time all-star and two-time champion, he has never been the highest-paid on his team.

Nevertheless, his off-court earnings dwarf his actual salary, and he can afford to take less money. This will allow his team to get other quality players, adding to the chances of his team winning , and the more they win the more potential endorsers for him.

As for his contribution to Beats success, well, no one will question that. He wore the damn things almost everywhere he went. He even went as far as asking the company to supply the headsets for the entire US Olympic basketball team just before they left for Beijing. They are currently elevated to more of a fashion fab, as opposed to just being another headphone set.