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I just want to start by saying that if you don’t have Google search on your phone, get it, more so if you are a frequent user of Google’s services. The search engine, the apps, and the voice search are high on my plus list. Now for the Cons, the usual wonkiness that comes with Google apps is regrettably still there, and Google Now isn’t straightforward either.

Seriously speaking though, the app is top of the line; the few hiccups should not prevent you from enjoying the app.

Interface 8143439236_a628e93867_o

The interface is exactly what you would expect from any Google product, the Google logo on a white background, what we have grown so accustomed. Google manages to maintain its simple but effective look. On the bottom, there’s the Google Apps, Voice Search, and Google Goggles buttons.

As the name suggests, the search option is the apps best feature. Just type your key word into the search field and it gives you very relevant search predictions. To add to this it will give you results based on your current location.  Across the bottom of your search results are buttons to search Images, News, Places, Shopping, Videos, Blogs, Books, and Discussions. The neat fact is that it’s easy to switch between categories.


Features 8694488139_445ff7134c_o

 The voice search uses the Google search engine to deliver your answers. The voice recognition is almost perfect, giving you voiced feedback only when its certain about the answer. However, the real marvel is how fast it is, giving feedback almost instantly. Another ace is its unique way of handling habitual answers.

Next, there’s Google Now, this is an interesting addition for iOS users, since it was a feature, which was previously limited to the Android Jelly Bean users. The app is easily launched by a quick swipe, from the bottom up.

With Now you get simple notifications based on time of day, your location, and other conditions to bring you info needed right then.  What it does is check all the Google services you use, and then give the most informed and current report in reference to where you are.

One major disadvantage though, is the apps inability to send iOS notifications. This means that the only way you get its information is to fire up the app. Another thing is the card format that your information comes in; I mean it really needs some getting uses to. It would have been great if one could have complete control over what information you want shown on the cards, instead Google decides when you need information.


Having the app on your phone really gives you the added advantage over Android users. I mean it gives you close to the best of both worlds. This app gives you all the search features and then it just blows you away with more functionality, am talking document viewers/ editors, highly interactive calendar, the whole nine yards.

So am sticking to my intro, if you still don’t have this app on your phone, then you are totally missing out.





Good Things

  • An array of additional features i.e. Google apps
  • Voice search speed that impresses
  • It actually has Google Now

Bad Things

  • There are some obvious display issues
  • Google Now is another troublesome area
  • Some notable lack of functionality

The Breakdown

Features and Support