Timberman is the most addictive and annoying game since Flappy Bird.

If you thought Flappy bird was addictive you haven’t tried Timberman yet, it’s extremely unforgiving you’ll hate it, and still manage to play it the whole day.

I have only managed a high score of 60 since installing this game yesterday. I hate it. I really do. But I cannot stop playing it. Every time it gives me a promise that the tree’s branches won’t strike me down, and my life bar won’t go any lower, then Boom!! Game Over! High score 32.

The design isn’t anything to smile home about. In fact it’s worse than Flappy Bird. It has followed Flappy Bird’s kind of graphics and actually made it something to cry about. It uses an 8-bit art style, that Nintendo-ish look. What’s more is that Timberman has quickly got to the number one spot on Google’s Play Store. All you’ll be doing is chopping down the tree and making sure that the branches don’t come to finish you off. That’s why they call you Timberman.

The fact that you have to prevent the tree’s branches from striking you down and be quick enough to cut the tree down faster than your life bar expires makes it really intimidating. But you still get to play it anyway.

The game is available for any device within the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. What’s disturbing about this game is the presence of ads while you play it. I was able to beat that by disabling my internet every time I opened the game. So if your internet is enabled when you are playing there will be in-app adverts. Click the links below to download the game for your device.

[For Android]       [For iOS]       [For Windows Phone]

Also, take a look at some of the images from the game to get a fine idea of what the game is all about. Let’s hope that the developer of this game doesn’t decide to take it off the stores in future, but you should get it just to be safe. Remember the Flappy Bird disappointment? I thought so.