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Top Microsoft engineer defects to Google.

Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the top engineer in question, who also happens to be an imagery expert who played a key role in the progress of Microsoft’s Bing, has left Microsoft and now has his sights set on Google. This is all according to the New York Times.

At his time in Microsoft, Aguera y focused on amplified reality, wearable computing, mapping and natural user interfaces. He is also rumored to be one of the architects behind Bing Maps and Bing Mobile. He was actually named as one of the Distinguished Engineers in 2011 and oversaw the development of Photosynth, a 3D panorama application.

More on this, reports say that he will focus on machine learning, that is in his new work place, at Google.Google

Well there are no confirmed reports from both Microsoft and Google, and any attempts to confirm from them have been snubbed.

Back to Aguera, he joined Microsoft in 2006 after his company Seadragon Software, a company he found in 2003 was bought by the software hulk. It was at this company that Aguera y Arcas began his work on the visualization technology, now used in Photosynth’s digital rendering and Zoom capabilities.

As you would expect, these two companies have had at it before, and defection between these two companies has led to some bitter employee custody battles.

Google announced its intentions to employ Kai-Fu Lee, and expert in speech recognition technology back in 2005. Microsoft responded by suing both Google and Lee, claiming that Lee was in violation of the one–year noncompete agreement that was part of Microsoft’s contract. Google later countersued in California, Microsoft eventually agreed to settle in December 2005, without releasing terms of the agreement.

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