travelling with laptop abroad for holiday

Travelling with your laptop for a holiday abroad? Avoid laptop-related hustles

If you are considering taking on a long holiday and carrying your laptop with you, take a look at what you need to do in order avoid laptop-related hustles. A holiday is a way to unwind and not to be frustrated because you forgot a few things that necessitate your relaxing. Therefore, if you are taking your laptop with you, consider;

 Owning a very nice back pack

Carrying your laptop needs you to be comfortable with your baggage situation. You’ll need a great back pack. If you are not carrying anything else then it’s important to have a laptop bag. It should be comfortable to carry on your back. I’m very much for a laptop bag that isn’t a shoulder bag. On the debate between a back pack and a shoulder bag, most of the time it depends on the weight of what you’re carrying. A back pack distributes weight evenly along your body so your body can handle the weight better. A shoulder bag will have the laptop weight on one side giving you a tough time balancing the weight unless you are carrying something of the same weight on the other side. However, a shoulder bag is fashionable when you are into the latest trends. I know many people who would choose fashionable over convenience any day. But again, laptops are not really that heavy so it depends on your preference.

Carrying an Ethernet/LAN cable

This is for tourists who come from countries in Europe and North America. Most of these countries have strong Wi-Fi signals that are easy to find. That’s not the same everywhere. In most African, Asian and South American countries, the internet is more like a luxury. Wi-Fi signals may be very few if you find any. Most of them won’t be strong so expect the connection to be slow. Slow internet definitely makes me scream, “What the damn hell!!!”

Cyber Cafes are still the in-thing in most of these countries, and most of them allow you to use your laptop with internet on the Ethernet sockets. Equipping yourself with an Ethernet cable would be very wise. The internet is usually faster on the sockets.

Carrying an extra battery

If you are lucky enough to own a Macbook the need to carry an extra laptop battery might not be so justified, thanks to the Macbook’s ability to keep power for more than 8 hours. However, if you own laptops from other popular companies like HP, HP, HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, etc, you will thank me for letting you know you need an extra battery. Did you realize I mentioned HP thrice? Yes, their laptop batteries are that bad. While you may not have experienced a power blackout in your country for the last few years, power blackouts are very usual in some other countries. Having an extra battery or two might really come in handy at your time of need.

Making a portable charger your friend

Following my previous point of power blackouts, a portable charger is a good way to keep your laptop powered on. You can charge all your batteries or charge your laptop. It depends on the capacity of your portable charger.

There you have it. Did I forget something? I’m open for the discussion. Add something to this story by leaving a comment below or sharing it to your friends on social media networks.