Twitter: The best tech company to work for.

Twitter scratches its way to the top of the list of the 50 best tech companies to work for. This is according to Glassdoor.

It managed to edge out powerhouses Facebook, Google, and Apple. The other astonishing fact is that this is the first year that Twitter even made it into the top 50, that should really tell its competitors something. The overall ranking though, went to Bain & Company.

Glassdoor takes time annually to compile a list of 50 best companies to work for, all based on comments from employees in dozens of companies. Well, this year, more than half a million reviews were submitted that rated employers on work satisfaction, salary benefits and CEO leadership, not to mention work and life balance, culture and values, and opportunities.

More on the same, it has been a huge year for Twitter, having gone public without a glitch in November, with its shares still going strong.

Twitter breaks the trend set by its social-networking colleagues, Facebook and LinkedIn by setting up its base of operation in downtown San Francisco. This is as opposed to Silicon Valley. Its chic headquarters offer employees free food, communal office space, and magnificent view of the city.

Twitter aside, about 21 other companies made it to the top 50. And as for the top 5, LinkedIn came in at No. 3, and Facebook got No. 5. Google, Apple, eBay, Intel, and Salesforce also made the cut.

I noticed that both of the big shots, Google and Apple didn’t make the top 5, considering they have made into the list for the past six consecutive years. They have both dropped places from the last year, from six to eight and from thirty four to thirty five respectively. More still, Facebook made the list for the last four years, and last year it was at the top spot, so you can imagine the pain of dropping four spots to number five this year.

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