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Twitter Sets Age-screening Before Users can Follow Alcohol Brands

Twitter is looking to curb inappropriate under-age activities on their social media network after rolling out an update where you will be required to input your date of birth before you follow alcohol brands.

In an update on their blog yesterday, Twitter indicated that one of their challenges had been how to stop their underage users from following alcohol brands because it was against the law. This new update will be featured on both the desktop and mobile Twitter (Android and iOS).

Wondering how it will work? Nothing complex. If you want to follow a user who is an alcohol company, you will tap the follow option on their profile, after which Twitter will open a pop asking you to input your date of birth.Twitter will then check if you are eligible to take alcohol in your country. If you pass, your follow status will be confirmed. Twitter also promised not to keep your date of birth in their records by claiming that the system will automatically forget your date of birth once you have been screened.

Twitter age screening

This may be a futile move because people tend to lie about their age all the time. So it’s very possible that we shall have under-age users fooling the system, which Twitter cannot prove of course. The result will be a positively intended move that bore no fruits.

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