Vine finally lets you watch its videos on the site.

Gong by the popularity of Vine compilations on YouTube, Vine finally allows people to search and view its six-second videos on its homepage.

Prior to this, anyone who wanted to view Vines had to go through the vine app. The site borrows some features from the app to work better though. Once you open the page, you see some familiar channels like Places and Animals all bundled together with Popular Now and Trending Tags.

Some of the features unique to the website include the ability to view Vines without logging in, and the added search feature that allows you to look for people, tags and specific location.

The move to allow access without logging in takes after YouTube, making them one of the competitors in the viral video market.

This just goes to show that the web is still the most valuable space for content and we are far from properly monetizing mobile social apps.