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Whatsapp new privacy updates enable you to control who sees you profile photo, last seen and status

WhatsApp rolled out an updated version to allow you to control your privacy settings more. The updated version comes with the ability to chose who can see your ‘last seen’, as well as the people that can see your profile photo and your status.

On all of these settings, you can chose to have everyone see your profile photo or last seen or status, or you can also select that only your contacts can see the same info, or nobody.

There is also an option to allow you to see your blocked contacts, a feature that was not previously available. From the list you can unblock these contacts as well. To access these settings, you will need to navigate to settings, and then to Account, under privacy, you will find these new options.

WhatsApp also added the ability to pay for a friend’s WhatsApp service, meaning you can now buy WhatsApp for your friend once their one year limit runs out.

Large video thumbnails are also introduced in this update. Another major update includes the ability to save someone’s profile photo to your gallery. You can also share their profile picture via Bluetooth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email among several other options.

This is a very major update to introduce abilities that may seem to risk people’s privacy, or even better, to improve. It depends on you, so go ahead and download the new update on Google Play Store.

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