WhatsApp to send and receive voice messages in new update

WhatsApp Messenger has updated its mobile app to support sending and receiving one-press voice messages. You can now record and share short message clips instantly as part of a conversation, thanks to WhatsApp messaging.

How to use the new WhatsApp feature;

a). On All Touch-Screen Devices

Close-up image of WhatsApp Messenger for the Windows PhoneTo record a voice message on all touch-screen devices, press down the microphone device and record your message. Release the microphone functionality to send instantly. To cancel the recording, just swipe it away by sliding your finger on top of the recording before releasing your finger from the pressed down microphone function.

b). On BlackBerry Devices

On BlackBerry devices, simply press the space button to begin recording the message and keep it pressed down until you are done recording your message. Then release the button to send the message instantly. To cancel the recording, press and hold the ‘end call’ button.

c). On Nokia devices

On Nokia devices, simply press the centre button to begin recording your message and then release the button after completing your recording to send instantly.
To cancel the recording on Nokia Symbian phones, simply press the end call button. On Nokia S40 phones, just press the centre button again to cancel the recording.

How to know if outgoing recording is played

A young girl listening to a WhatsApp recording sent by her mumWhen you send a recording, you will know if someone has listened to it. Outgoing unplayed recordings will have a green microphone icon, and after your message has been listened to, the microphone icon will turn blue.


Furthermore, the update has made the voice messaging support private. No one can listen to a clip you have received in a conversation.  Even better, it does not necessitate the need for earphones at all. For the iPhones, Android and Windows Phone devices when you receive the message, you simply press play and hold the phone up to your ears as if answering a phone call and listen to the clip privately. The ability of WhatsApp to use your mobile phone sensors to detect the recording and switch your phone speakers is amazing. This enables you to listen to your recording via the calls speaker rather than the loud speaker for music.
Close-up image of WhatsApp Messenger for the iPhone

This new feature has been rolled out on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

Download WhatsApp from Google Play if you do not have this wonderful messaging application on your device. Otherwise, visit the link to update your application for this voice-messaging feature.