Windows 10 Consumer Preview to be unveiled this January

The Verge reports that Microsoft will unveil the consumer preview of Windows 10 in the coming January. January is usually known for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, sources close to Microsoft claim that the software giant will have an event later on in the month to officially unveil consumer features of the very much longed for Windows OS.

The company initially unveiled Windows 10 in an event that lasted around one hour in San Francisco where they revealed that they had chosen to drop Windows 9 as a name of the new OS. The move was seen by tech analysts as an effort to distance itself from the failed Windows 8.

The new Windows 10 event in January will be expected to last linger and be more significant. Some of the features that will be revealed include a new touch interface also known as Continuum, and the first real return of the “start menu” that was squashed from Windows in the Windows 8 release, a move that didn’t go well with Microsoft’s market base (basically the whole wide world).

In the same event, Microsoft is expected to go into details about the Microsoft Lumia phones and tablets. Dashboard updates for Xbox One will also feature. Windows 10 is expected to run across several devices including PCs, tablets, phones and the Xbox One. Microsoft will invite people to the event possibly before the end of the year.