A working iPhone 6 clone is already out.

There is no denying the hype and excitement surrounding the release of the next generation of iPhone, taking into account that it’s only a few months away. Well to add to that, every year we also get to see a clone of the phone, just before it comes out.  I guess this year was no exception with a leak of a working iPhone 6 clone that looks just like the leaked photos of dummy models of the same. The clone goes as far as skinning its OS to look just like the actual iOS.


Well just to be fair to the original phone, the clone should come with some watered down specs, not to mention the lack of the premium feel that is often associated with the original version. Since there is no exact spec sheet for the clone, it would be safe to estimate that is will lack the powerful processor, high-end camera, and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The Chinese market is no stranger to the clone phones, a phenomenon that remains unique to that region, I mean rarely do these clones make it out of the Chinese border.


Well, in anticipation of what Apple has to say on the matter, you can be contented in that Beat’s has already pushed forward a lawsuit accusing the clone makers of spoiling its reputation and goodwill. This comes at a time when Apple is on the verge of closing the deal to acquire Beats.